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Hidden Methods Using Suggestibility Part 2


When doing covert hypnosis through suggestibility testing, one should never stop at just one test. But rather you should cycle through a series of "imagination games" designed to move the person into deeper and deeper levels of hypnotic effect in a very gradual way.

Tiny, easily accomplished steps are a secret master-key to covertly hypnotizing anyone to do what you want them to do. Most often the biggest limiting factors to deeply hypnotizing someone without their knowledge are simply a lack of real skill on the part of the hypnotist and an even bigger lack of patience. Yes, I said patience.

You see the unconscious mind is very perceptive, it learns very fast but it has its own natural processing speed. If you try to move it faster than its comfortable with... it will resist you.

Even if its something that the subject really wants. To insure maximum success in hypnotizing anyone You need to give the subject suggestions in small steps, lots of praise for completing your assigned task and absolute sincerity and "congruence" when working with them.

The small step approach activates two powerful laws of the mind. "The Law of Compliance" and the "Law of Compounding" The Law of Compliance states that every time a subject accepts one of your suggestions, they are more predisposed to following your next one. If they do not accept and act upon your suggestion, they also become predisposed to rejecting the next one.

That's why everything you do has to be small, gradual, easy and framed in such a way that it does not seem to violate a persons ethical or moral code.

The Law of Compounding teaches us that the more suggestions a person receives the more each new suggestion reinforces all of the previous suggestions.

This is a powerful mechanism of giving and amplifying the power of suggestion in a persons mind.

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