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Welcome to your personal members page for Secrets of Personality Transformation. A Hypnothoughts LIVE 2016 Special Event. Your FAST ACTION Enrollment Gives Very Special Membership Privileges Including Complete Instant Access To Our Special Hypnothoughts LIVE BONUS VIDEO LIBRARY Valued At ____________________________.


Not Only Will You Now Have Instant Access To The ENTIRE Hypnothoughts LIVE Video Library ARCHIVE You'll also receive absolutley FREE a Bonus Copy of My 14 Video Self Mastery Super Charger Program Valued At $497.00


You'll also get a FREE VIP DISCOUNT VOUCHER FOR 50% OFF Any of my Regular Trainings Throughout 2016 and 2017.


In Short, Because You Took FAST DECISIVE ACTION and JUMPED IN ON THIS AMAZING Training Opportunity. I want you to get the very best deal I can offer you.


Here is a  Quick Summary Of What You Are Getting:

  • Complete Secrets of Personality Transformation 3 Day Training and Certification $1950.00 Value.
  • Self Mastery Super Charger Home Study Course 14 DVD Quality Video  Set $497.00 Value 
  • 50% OFF VIP Discount Ticket To Any LIVE Training Event. (O.M.G!)   $997.00 VALUE
    • Erotic Hypnosis 2014 Sensuality Enhancement - Secrets of Erotic Conversational Hypnosis
      - 2 Day Post Conference Event $997.00 VALUE
    • Erotic Hypnosis 2015 - Beyond Orgasm - Orgasm On Command and Healing Through Pleasure
      - 2 Day Post Conference Event  $997.00 VALUE
    • Instant Conversational Hypnosis 2013 (3 Hour Training) $297.00 Value 
    • Attractivation 2013 (2 Hour Training)  $197.00 Value
    • Energy Hypnosis - Speed Healing 2013 (1 Hour Training) $97.00 Value
    • Instant Conversational Hypnosis 2 2014 - (2 Hour Training) $197.00 Value
    • Speed Healing - Energy Hypnosis 2014   -  (2 Hour Training) $197.00 Value
    • Attraction Mastery 2014 (2 Hour Training) - $197.00 Value 
    • Lie To Me IF You DARE... How To Catch a Liar  2015- (2 Hour Training) $197.00 Value
    • Instant Conversational Hypnosis 2015 (One Hour Training) $97.00 Value

Most of your Bonus Videos Will Become Active Effective August 29, 2016

You will be able to access your course materials directly via digital download.

all you will have to do is navigate the drop down menus on your home page and you'll be taken to the products corresponding to the menu tab.

Please note you MUST download the files and unzip them. For the sake of user experience and page loading speed we have not activated a streaming option for these products.


PLEASE NOTE: These products are recorded in HIGH DEFINITION  and that means the files will be larger than usual. Please allow ample time to download them and have enough room on your hard drive to accommodate the files.


If You Have Any Questions You Can Call Or Email Me Directly at david@nlppower or call me at 858-947-8382


Thanks again for stepping up. Let The Magic,Mystery and FUN Begin!


Talk to you soon.




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