Killer Influence: Secrets of Covert Hypnosis 2012


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Killer Influence Day One

Day One Video 1-01


Day One Video 1-02


Day One Video 1-03


Day One Video 1-04


Day One Video 1-05


Day One Notes


Killer Influence Day Two


Day Two Video 2-01


Day Two Video 2-02


Day Two Video 2-03


Day Two Video 2-04


Day Two Video 2-05


Day Two Notes

Killer Influence Day Three


Day Three Video 3-01


Day Three Video 3-02


Day Three Video 3-03


Day Three Video  3-04


Day Three Video   3-05


Day Three Video  3-06


Day Three Notes


Killer Influence Day Four


Day Four Video  4-01


Day Four Video  4-02


Day Four Video  4-03


  • Please note - there are no notes for day four.

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