Conversational Hypnosis 101

Welcome to my section on Conversational Hypnosis. Or as I like to call it Conversational Hypnosis 101.

My approach to conversational hypnosis is a bit different than most.

My mentors many of which are quite famous and/or infamous, as the case may be, showed me very early on that the way most "orthodox" hypnotists and NLPers go about doing, learning and practicing Conversational Hypnosis is... well...

Just Plain Ineffective...


Well ... Let me ask you a question...

Have you ever tried to use Erickonian language patterns outside of a treatment or seminar environement and discovered all too quickly that it didn't quite work the way it was supposed to?

You may have even noticed people getting sort of annoyed, pissed off, impatient or just plain confused and looking at you like you are some kind of an idiot.

Have you discovered yet that its kind of hard to use most of the "sexy" NLP style language patterns on someone who has NLP, hypnosis, or sales training without getting caught or somehow signaling them that you are doing something?

The key to powerful, undetectable and for the most part unstoppable conversational hypnosis lies in what I like to call the elusive obvious.

Its simplicity. Thats Why I Created the CPI Model for myself back in the 90's and its paid off for me in ways I can't possibly begin to describe.

I will tell you more about CPI later but for right now the first key concept that I want you to get and understand is "the elusive obvious"

Keep what you are doing simple. Distill what ever set of conversational hypnosis technques you like down to their most simple, basic and multipurpose components.

Learn how to use them in small chunks and work them into your every day manner of speaking until they become habitual.

Small changes over a period of time can dramatically effect the way even people who know your normal way of speaking respond to you without becoming aware of what you are doing.

I know it seems simple...

But that is where the true power of conversational hypnosis is.

Make your stuff simple. The simpler it is the more undetectable it becomes.

We will talk more later.

Until Next Time...

Trance The World and Take Names.

David X.