NLP Hypnosis: The Benefits

The entertainment part of the hypnosis can be termed as the hypnosis show. It is more of an art form and is not used for healing. Hypnosis when used for healing is used to change the behavioral pattern of the individual, but in the case of a hypnosis show, the effect ceases to last after the show is over.

While performing hypnosis in front of a large number of people it is important that the hypnotist chooses his topic wisely. He has to be extremely careful about picking up people from the audience to put in a trance. Once the person is in a trace, the hypnotist can plant any idea or suggestions in the mind o the said person.

Like any other therapy, the hypnotist needs the total support of the person who is trying to put in to a hypnotic trance. It is a general norm that the hypnotist starts their shows by asking the audience to close their eyes and listen to what they are saying. This process is the most crucial one and is known as induction. This process will help him to find out the people who ate susceptible to his command and thus will in turn help him to choose his volunteers.

A person who resists the command of the hypnotist will never be selected. Any person who is sitting very alert in the audience is one such person. Any person who seems willing to participate in the performance of the hypnotist is the perfect volunteer.

The actual stage performance of the hypnotist starts when he starts to call upon the volunteers on stage. There are certain techniques that the hypnotist uses to call upon the willing volunteers. One such trick is to arrange lesser number of chairs than the number of people actually required. This will help in creating a competition amongst the audience to participate in the show.

The hypnotist then commands the volunteers to perform in various ways and they obey all his command as if they arte in a state of sleep. The hypnotist can make them believe that they are drunk. He can make them believe that they are aliens from another world and can thus only speak a strange language. The volunteers actually start speaking a strange language hearing this command. The volunteers come out pf the trance as soon as the performance is over, they do not stay in the same state of mind after the show and behave absolutely normally.