STEALTH Hypnotic Attraction Secrets: How Well Do You Know Women?

How well do you know women?

Especially when it comes to finding out if a
woman is really attractive to you.

Can You Tell When She is ready to...

- Be kissed?

- Touched...

- Go Back To Your Place?

- Made Love To...?

How much more confident would you be with women,


You Always knew without a bit of doubt

- just how into you,

- attracted to you and turned on by you she
really is?

You know the single biggest reason most systems

- Dating,

- Attraction,

- Pick up

- Seduction

- and even Sexual Skills Fail is simply because

Most guys CAN"T tell if what they are doing is

Women Want MEN who are both sensitive to
what they want and need AND...

Know When To Take Charge, Willing To Be Dominant
and READY Take The Lead When The Time Is Right.

(this is the ultimate alpha combination)

and its a skill most guys simply Do NOT Have.

But what if there was a way to know exactly

- HOW Into You She Really Is.

- When she's ready to go to the next level
With YOU

- When You should take charge or

- When you should follow her lead

Well there is.

It's called The...

"7 Stages of Sexual Attraction &Arousal"

And it works on all women all over the world.

There a seven easily recognizable stages a
woman goes through on her way to becoming
sexually attracted to, and aroused by you.

Here they Are:

7-Stages of Sexual Attraction and Arousal

Stage #1 - Acknowledgement Stage

stage #2 - Pivot Stage

Stage #3 - Reaching Stage

Stage #4 - Touching stage

Stage #5 - Snuggle Space Stage

Stage #6 - Minor Synchronization Stage

Stage #7 - Full Synchronization Stage

We call it "Sexual Arousal Calibration Scale"

And its one of the most important skills to have
for getting anyone attracted to you.


In Fact, Studies (real ones) show That a woman can
literally fly through all seven stages and be
hot and Ready For SEX With You,

In As Little As...15 Minutes!

...IF you match her and are in time with her sexual
arousal cues.

All you have to do is...

- Know What Stage of Arousal and attraction she
Is in.

- Know What To Do Next.

The best part is when you know what to look for
She will actually TELL you and Show You What
To Do Next!

There is an old saying... if you can't measure
it, then you can't manage it"

Well, in the world of attraction, sexuality and
even in a business like selling,

nothing could be more TRUE.

So what if there was an easy, systematic way to
instantly recognize the cues you need in order
to know exactly what to do next?

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