Hypnotizing Someone For Fun? What A Concept!

Lets face it.

Talking about covert and conversational hypnosis, mind control and brain washing, black hypnosis, blah blah blah can get really tedious. and downright serious.


Too serious in my not too humble and somewhat expert opinion. In fact when I am teaching my one on one coaching students in my Killer Influence MasterMind Program, or leading my mentees through my CPI Conversational Persuasion and Influence Course the one thing I keep coming back to, the one thing that really allows you to enjoy the most power and effectiveness in the discipline is this…

Have fun! Hypnotizing people is fun, being playful gives you power and access to resources you could never touch while trying to be oh so serious.

In That Spirit, I hope you enjoy the featured article here simply titled…

How To Hypnotize Someone For Fun

If you know how to hypnotize someone, you can have a bit of fun with your friends. When used for recreational purposes, hypnosis is safe. This, however, should not be mistaken for hypnotherapy which is a professional process designed to assist people deal with personal trauma, addictive behavior, or other disorders.

Hypnotizing people is a lot easier than you probably think. It may surprise you to know that you actually get into a hypnotic state a few times every day. Whenever you are absorbed in a book, or daydreaming, or watching a movie intensely, your brain is basically in a state of hypnosis. The reason is that your subconscious is working more than your conscious.

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The simple truth is if you aren’t having fun with what you are doing you are simply not going to be good at it. To get good at hypnosis you really have to enjoy it.

Go out and hypnotize people into feeling really good today, and enjoy it!

Trance the world and take names.

Your Loyal Friend and Hypnosis Mentor.

David Van Arrick

aka “The Master”

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