NLP Hypnosis: Insomnia Therapy

Do you like awake the whole night waiting to fall asleep? Do you use prescription drugs to fell you to sleep? Do you go to sleep in the morning when the night fails to put you to bed? If the answer is yes then think again. You like a total of 20 million citizens of America is victim to what is called acute insomnia, but that is not the end of the story. It just begins here. There is good news for all of you out there who suffer from this disorder of sleeping. Hypnosis insomnia therapy is what you need. This therapy will enable you to sleep effectively, safely and most important restfully. No more felling groggy or lethargic in the morning, just a beautiful freshness about you. So what is this hypnosis therapy?

Hypnosis has been mistaken by many to be sleep; but actually it is a state of deep relaxation when one is awake. When under a hypnotic phase, the unconscious is more prone to acceptance of guidance. This is made use of to suggest to the unconscious manners of peaceful sleep. The self hypnosis program is very efficient after a few therapy sessions since our expectance and acceptance get equalized.

The next procedure after complete relaxation is to learn of the cause behind your sleeplessness. Sometimes small changes in your evening habits may prove to be very useful for a good night's sleep. This in fact is an important part of the hypnosis insomnia therapy.

The most vital procedure in a hypnosis insomnia therapy is neuro-linguistic programming, in other words NLP. This program reverses the thought and feeling process of the patient. Those experiences or ideas which previously created anxiety and stress, will now produce a calming and relaxing effect. If the anxiety in the patient cannot be removed then success in such cases cannot be had. Hypnotherapy also uses processes of visualization which help in shutting of anxiety and stress through programming of the unconscious. Since the effect is permanent so the feeling stays the whole day and ultimately while going to bed it helps you to fall asleep and have a reposeful night.

Ericksonian Hypnotic Metaphor is another prerogative to curing of this disorder called insomnia. Here a hypotherapist makes a metaphor which enables or commands your unconscious to remove the anxiety of sleeplessness from your mind.

Previously we had discussed that self-hypnosis is a good way to control or completely finish off insomnia; but since it is not always possible therefore learning to pamper yourself with a post-hypnotic therapy irrespective of time and place is very important.

The best part of this therapy is that it will not harm you in anyway. The therapist can never force you to do anything you do not want to, and further it might only lead to you falling asleep for say 30 minutes maximum. If you have anything to complain about falling asleep then think again, is this not what you wanted to achieve...sleeping? Also the therapy sets directives to your unconscious to bring out the pleasant experiences to enable you to have a restful sleep. The therapy is also an excellent way to reduce your stress and anxiety levels.

The only possible exceptions to the therapy are people who are psychotic, senile, or have an IQ of<10. It is difficult and at times impossible to hypnotize them. This can be explained as a lack of concentration and motivation which is common in such people, as you need to be motivated to achieve anything in life may it be success or just a good night's sleep