MIND CONTROL: The Achilles Heel of Your Mind


This one is scary. But really true.

Below is an email I got from internet marketing guru and master of psychological persuasion Daniel Levis. I happen to own the course he is referencing and I have to tell you he is spot on with his points. The course of course he is referring to is the Forbidden Keys to Persuasion by Blair Warren, who ( in my opinion, should be illegal for him to print stuff because what he writes I so damn powerful its scary.)

Anyway here is a repost of Daniels email to me.

“Some cult leaders and con men can get
people to do just about anything ...

... while most people can't even get
their teenage children to take out the
trash or load up the dishwasher.

What do the bad guys know that you don't?
It's not what you're thinking ...

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People have been searching for the keys
to the human mind since the beginning
of time.

And since the birth of psychology, many
have laid claim to having found them.

Freud believed that the need for sex
and aggression underpin all human behavior...

Carl Jung believed that the will to live
is our greatest motivator...

Alfred Adler -- through his study of the
impact of birth order on personality --
theorized that we are primarily motivated
by a need for power and superiority
over our rivals...

Victor Frankl believed our greatest need
is to have a sense of meaning in our lives ...

William James was convinced that human
motivation is multi-faceted and isolated
a whole laundry list of human needs that
he believed drive human behavior ...

Abraham Maslow created even more complexity
with the idea of a hierarchy of human needs ...

And this is just a short list of the
many experimental theorists from the realm
of psychology who have laid claim to
having discovered the keys to the human

The one thing they all agreed on is that
we are need driven.

And while all of their ideas have their
place in the world of psychology,
when it comes to the realm of persuasion,
a much simpler model will suffice.

A model that has but one need ...

A need that everyone experiences but
few know how to exploit.

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The following quote from media mogul Roger Ailes
alludes to this need:

"Let's face it, there are three things the
media are interested in: Mistakes, pictures,
and attacks.

It's my orchestra pit theory...

If you have two guys up on a stage, and
one says, 'I have the solution to peace in
the Middle East', and the other guy falls
into the orchestra pit, who do you think
is going to end up on the evening news?"

Now, when you consider it's the media's job
to cater to what interests us, you can see
that this quote is less about "media" than it
is about human nature.

We can all laugh at the absurdity of Ailes'
quote. But a good laugh is all most people
will get out of it.

Indeed, there is something else hidden behind
the humor.

Something that when exploited has a power
beyond belief.

Marshall Applewhite, David Koresh and Jim
Jones used it to capture the minds of their
followers and lead them to their deaths.

Hitler used it to mesmerize a nation and
nearly destroy our way of life and the world
as we know it.

And all around us, political and race based
organizations are using it to whip their
people into hate-filled frenzies.

What do these evil doers and all master
manipulators know that you don't?

And more importantly, how can you use their
secret ethically to grow sales... to cement
lucrative joint venture partnerships... to
inspire employees... and dramatically
enhance your business?

The astounding answer awaits you:

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Until next time, Good Selling!


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leaders, con men, and megalomaniacs has you
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I first picked up Blair Warrens course Forbidden Keys To Persuasion About a year
and a half ago. I have found that the principles he teaches to be very powerful and
of course once you grasp the principles they become very easy to apply.

We often get so bound up in the “Techniques” of hypnosis, persuasion and mind control
that we often neglect to simply focus on mastering and internalizing the principles.

Techniques are great but if you want true power in this work. Focus on mastering the Principles that govern human behavior, Gain insight into the nature of human beings themselves and your subjects will, by and large, tell you everything you need to know in order to influence them to do what you want.

Hope you enjoy the repost.

Trance the world and take names.

David Van Arrick

PS: if you would like to learn more about Daniel Levis You can find his sight here