Confidence: What it is and how to get it.

Confidence. We hear that word an awful lot in the field of dating attraction and ultimately sexual prowess and seduction skills. You know recently I just finished an amazing teleclass on what I have come to call the 7 Universal Stages of Sexual Attraction.

In that call I discussed some profoundly simple and powerful ways to actually be more confident. You see I really don’t think guys need more confidence when dealing with women.

Not at all. I used to think it was all about confidence.

But its not. The real Gold is NOT Self Confidence.

The Real Goal is something much more profound, fundamental and ultimately more simple.


That’s it right there in a nutshell.

You see “confidence” is really just a symptom. Its secondary.

The biggest fear all humans have is the fear of the unknown. When a guy approaches a woman its not the fear of rejection (although it is present and a valid issue) that usually holds him back.

It’s the uncertainty of the situation.

Is she going to reject me, or not?

What if she doesn’t like me?

What if we get together are happy for a while and then we have a horrible breakup?

What if someone or everyone sees her reject me?

What if I say something stupid?

What if …

What if…

What if…

Lets look at the confidence vs. certainty chicken or the egg issue.

If you could look at any woman and know with an 80% certainty that she wants you to come talk to her. How much MORE confident would you be about going up to her and talking to her?

couple more examples then we will kind of close this loop.

What if when talking to a woman you could see and know exactly where you stood with in her eyes with regard to how attractive she found you? How much more confident would you be about moving forward with her?

If you could see with a 99% and know that a woman really wanted you to kiss her or even take her back to your place for something “more private”. How much more confident would you be?

Now lets flip the equation around and really think about it logically.

IF your were absolutely confident that a woman wanted to talk to you. How certain of it are you really? Apply logic to this now. How much certainty is there?

Does the level of certainty really go up? maybe yes, maybe no. Suddenly we are no longer certain about how certain we are. (no this is not a confusion induction)

If you were ‘confident” that a woman really wanted to sleep with you. Without any obvious indicators to go by except your “confidence”. How certain are you really about?

Can we at least start to entertain the idea that the confidence-certainty conundrum does not go both ways and is in fact heavily skewed towards the side of certainty.

Okay so by now you are saying… So What David. Get to the point.

Its really quite simple really.

The key to confidence is certainty.

Now remember a higher level of confidence does increase the “likelihood” of success. But I think you’ll agree when you think about that a high degree of certainty breeds more confidence than a high degree of confident breeding certainty.

So the question becomes. If the above is true. how do we become more certain and therefore by default catapult our true inner confidence.

Well there are many ways to do it pretty much all of which can be summed up in two words.

Education and Action.

If you want a high degree of certainty those two words will pretty much get you there.

With regard to sexuality, sexual skills, dating attraction and seduction. You need to be educated as how things work, but more importantly you need to be educated in what to look for in how to assess the information you are getting in the field.

If you have more information you automatically have a higher degree of certainty about where you stand and what to do next.

I have said this many times in my various courses from Secret Orgasm Tips To ForeverMan, to STEALTH and most recently in My latest Teleclass the 7 Stages of Sexual Attraction.

The single biggest fact in making any form of dating, attraction and seduction work is the ability to evaluate and know if what you are doing is having the desired effect or not.

Too many guys have practically no clue if all those memorized routines are actually working or not. In fact, most guys can’t even tell if a woman is attracted to them or not, or when she is just being polite and can’t wait to escape.

Let me know your thoughts. Post your comments below.

We will pick up this thread a little later.

Be Certain of If!

Until Next Time…

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