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Renegade Hypnosis - Everything you always wanted to know about the wild side. This site is dedicated to the exploration of hypnotic techniques and applications that fall far beyond the watered down and often underestimated power of hypnosis.

Join us on an amazing journey into the power to control minds, change personalities and make people do what ever you want.

Here you will find some of the most powerful and forbidden techniques used by the hypnosis underground to literally hypnotize and enslave the minds of anyone you want to.

Sounds kind of scary doesn't it, and yet you find yourself somehow drawn by some mysterious power to move further into a world where the seductive and alluring ability to hypnotize and control others promises to bring you a lifetime of endless pleasures.

Renegade Hypnosis  will teach you about -

Covert Hypnosis - The ability to hypnotize someone without their knowledge or consent.  The so-called experts will tell you this can't be done. Wrong. You can learn about how to hypnotize using covert hypnosis right here

Hypno-slaves - The Art of Brain Washing, Mind Control, Personality Change -

Believe it or not there is a system of hypnotic mind control so powerful that it can literally turn a person into somebody else and they love it.  This form of hypnotic domination is highly addictive and its subjects never want to be released from its sweet hypnotic bondage.

This kind of training is even rare and hard to find in the dom hypnosis and hypnosis bdsm communities. Most die-hard hypno doms would give their soul for this kind of power and the subs flock to it's sweet embrace like a bee to honey. They just can't help submitting to its unique uncensored power.

You can learn more about hypnotized slaves hypnotizing women here

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