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Pre-Training Study Materials:

Assignment One: Familiarize yourself with the terminology commonly used in hypnosis and hypnotherapy.  We have some of our own nomenclature that is unique to our approach to hypnosis and that will be covered in the live training. But for now. please read the Hypnosis Glossary at the link below. - Right Click And Select "Save Target As"

Hypnosis Vocabulary


Bonus: CPI Manual Files:

Download These As Needed. They Are The Companion Manuals for the STEALTH CPI 2011 Hypnotic Persuasion Bootcamp
The files are zipped and in word documents. Right Click and Select "Save Target As" To Download To Your Harddrive


  1. Intro to Covert Hypnosis
  2. 21st Century Hypnosis
  3. Inside Your Mind
  4. CPI-State Control
  5. CPI- Rapport
  6. Modal Languaging - VAK Level 1
  7. First Tier Language Patterns - Mag 7
  8. Pattern Weaving -  Secrets of Eliciting Emotional States
  9. VAK Level  2
  10.  Criteria and Values - Hitting The Persuasion Bulls Eye
  11. Secrets of Social Hypnosis

Appendix A.Hypnosis Vocabulary

Appendix B. - Self Hypnosis Suggestions

Appendix C. - Killer Hypnotic Inductions

Appendix D. Pacing and Leading

Appendix E. DRT

Appendix F: Rapport Drills

Appendix G: Proxemic Hypnosis

Appendix H: Attraction Secrets

Appendix I: Bio-Genetic Operators

Appendix J: Complex Meta Programs

Appendix K: Sensory Acuity Drills

Appendix L: Profiling Level One

Appendix M: Profiling Two - Personality Typing

Appendix N: Intro To Cold Reading



Post Training Materials:


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