Hypnosis for Seduction an Introduction…

Hypnotic Seduction an Introduction…

What do Darth Vader, Angelina Jolie, The Biblical Delilah and of course ANY Successful Politician, Evangelist or CULT Leader You Can Think Of, have in common.

The answer will entice and excite some of you and annoy outrage and irritate others.

The answer is Seduction.

You see in the STAR WARS Saga The Evil Sith Palpatine aka Darth Sidius seduced young Anakin Skywalker to the Dark Side of the Force and Turned Him Into Darth Vader.

Some Say Angelina Jolie Seduced Brad Pitt Away From Jennifer Aniston. (Some Believe Otherwise) Giving Birth to the creature known as Brangelina.

But why am I talking about seduction on a hypnosis blog. Well that’s simple really.

Seduction IS a form of hypnosis.

The working definition of hypnosis is simply the “bypass of the critical factor of the conscious mind and the establishment of acceptable selective thinking.

Meaning that for the time we are seeking to influence someone hypnotically we are in effect stopping, neutralizing or simply reorienting they ability to make analytical rational, critical and/or logical judgments and causing them to focus on the things we want them to focus on and in fact…

Interpret them in a way that we want them to.

Religious and Cult leaders don’t call what they do seduction; they call it conversion, which by the way is different from mind control and brainwashing.

In the world of hypnotic operators… Seduction comes first.

Then Conversion; And finally Mind Control, and Brain Washing.

No they are not the same thing but all of them have overlapping elements, they all have to same goal.


Seduction is really about enticement; it’s about tapping into what a person really wants and showing them how to get it by doing what you want. All seduction, at least ethical seduction centers on a concept that at least on the surface seems directly opposite the goals of seduction, mind control or even brainwashing.

FREE WILL… That’s right.

Free Will is actually the heart of seduction.

Now of course there are very powerful techniques and principles that will dramatically skew or influence the choices a person makes. But they will still MAKE A CHOICE TO DO WHAT YOU WANT.

Okay, So By now you’re probably wondering, okay Van Arrick, thanks for the semantics lesson, now get to the point. Are you going to teach me how to use hypnosis to seduce people or not?

Sigh… of course I am going to teach you how to use hypnosis to seduce women, men, whole groups of people. But first you have to understand.

Seduction is a choice. Anakin Skywalker Chose To Become Darth Vader. Brad Chose Angelina. Now were their perceptions heavily influenced so that they only focused on certain things they wanted?

Say yes.

Did they get what they thought they wanted by doing what the other parties wanted.

Say Yes Again.

But what about the "hypnotic" part?

Bypass of the critical factor, establishment of acceptable selective thinking.

That’s our definition of hypnosis right? Hypnosis is a form of seduction right?

Seduction by its very nature must include the concept or principle of Free will or it’s no longer seduction. Its coercion.

Here is where things get interesting. Good seducers don’t seek to influence the chooser directly.

The seek to influence the choices.

In the system I teach, both in STEALTH and CPI. We call this concept the Illusion of Choice. The person we are seeking to seduce is free to make any selection they want of the choices we give them.

How do we do that?

Through a phenomenon known in the covert hypnosis world as hypnotic operators.

We can influence the choices people make by

A. Influencing the choices available.

B. By influencing how the subject perceives the available choices.

C. by directly suggesting the choice we want the subject to make.

Influencing perception is key to hypnotic seduction. Doesn’t matter if it’s for sex, dating and relationships, political agendas, religious or spiritual purposes or any other form of human communication.

At this point we have to make a transition. Up until now we have been talking about “hypnosis” as form of seduction. But what we really need to start talking about is something much more fundamental. The product that hypnotic operators actually produce.


Hypnosis is really just a methodology that results in an acceptable state of thinking. That state is a trance.

Trances have basically two components.

Narrowing focus of attention, plus complete absorption in the experience.

The more fully you have these elements, the deeper and more compelling the affects you can produce. In fact the more absorption someone has into an experience the more they enjoy it. You see scientific studies prove…

Thinking Hurts, Trance Feels Wonderful.

Every human being is a trance machine. We are just plain built that way.

The first goal with hypnotic seduction for any reason is…

Get them out of the trance they are in, and into the trance you want.

The first trance-ition (pardon the pun) is to get their attention and move them from a dissociated state to an associated one.

So if you wanted to think about like a formula or recipe for hypnotic seduction.

· Get their attention

· Move them from a dissociated state to an associated state.

· Then you want to create feeling/emotional states in their mind and body.

Why feeling/emotional states?

Because any form of neurological arousal turns on certain filters in the brain, and shuts off others. These emotionally charged states are the most direct and powerful way to influence how someone perceives an event or a choice. As well as the “logic” and “rationale” they use to justify that decision.

In hypnosis terminology we call it trance logic. All human decisions and by extension their behaviors and actions are determined by the emotional states they are in at the time.

The hardest way to get someone convinced of something is to use logic, facts and figures. The easiest way is through their primal drives and emotional urges.

Of course once you have set up the emotional states that most naturally lead your subject to do what you want them to do.

All you have to do now is give them the opportunity to act on the choice and some minimal justification for doing it.

The cool part about this is that the more emotionally charged the state you create in your subject (remember absorption and narrowing focus of attention?) The less logical and rational the reason for taking action can be.

Your subject will in fact come up with their own internal rational for having done what they did. And because of the way the mind works. The more you challenge it with logic they will resist you and your attempt to convince them otherwise.

When you are dealing with a real master of covert hypnosis techniques and principles. You will NEVER feel the push or pull from outside. You will simply conclude that based on all your own reasons, facts and data, the simplest, easiest and most direct path to getting what you want is the obvious choice right in front of you.

That’s how seduction really works. You get to choose how you are going to do what I want you to do. Doesn’t that just make sense?

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