Hypnotic Copywriting – 5 Hidden Secrets for Hypnotizing In Writing

Hypnotic Copywriting: 5 Reasons Why Most People Fail

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Please forgive me in advance as this post may be a bit long.

Time will tell. I could write book after book, (and some people have) on the art and science of using covert hypnosis in writing. The simple truth is there are many schools of thought regarding how to hypnotize in writing.

One of the methods you can use is I what I call presuppositional conversational hypnosis.

Contrast this with "metaphorical conversational hypnosis or even the more common "Direct Response" Form of Conversational hypnosis.

Although none of these categories are mutually exclusive, For the ease of reference I have placed them in distinct categories.

Now conversational hypnosis whether it is in writing or spoken is still conversation because in either case you are still talking to someone. Regardless of which school of hypnotic writing you are using they all have the same focus even if the techniques involved differ.

They all seek to get your attention, bypass or re-orient your critical factor (analyzing mind) engage your emotions and make think the way the hypnotic writer wants you to think.

The approach you take when hypnotizing someone in writing is largely based on the outcome you have in mind and what format is most conducive to the environment your are going to be operating in.

Some forms of conversational hypnosis are much much harder to make work effectively due to environemental or cultural factors. 

For example...

metaphorical conversational hypnosis is rarely effective in a fast paced, time sensitive environment such as an interview with a busy executive. To use metaphorical hypnosis you have to use very short and rather direct stories to convey your message. Try using long, descriptive often vague hypnotic stories as they teach you in the traditional Ericksonian schools and you'll quickly be shown the door.

Another Example,

if your audience is a more "heart-centered" spiritual group, think new age, holistic, and or metaphysical and you use a direct response features and benefits
presentation you will likely not get a very good response. Because your message, how ever well targeted it may be, is too jarring, to blunt and too abrupt for many of the mind sets in that crowd. Does that mean the DR method wont work. Absolutely not, it just means your ability to convert might be signficantly lower because people tune out your message or judge the message by the medium in which it is delivered.

You have to know your audience and that means taking the time to ask the right questions and get inside your subjects head.

In my course KILLER INFLUENCE: Secrets of Covert Hypnotic Influence I Talk Extensively about the "I3" or Delta Model as it is coming to be known.

I 3 Stands for

Identity + Intelligence + Influence

In this particular context we are talking about the Second "I" in the formula - INTELLIGENCE. And in this context of intelligence we are in fact talking about the need to gain as much useful information about our target subjects as possible. The more you know about your subject the easier you can push their hypnotic buttons.

Its really that simple. This is also (next to the first I -Identity) that most people simply overlook in their rush to hurl in the hypnotic kitchen sink.

I am starting to digress a little but so lets move to another fundamental problem that shoots most would be hypnotists in the foot.


Not Setting an Outcome.

To Put It Bluntly...

What exactly do you want them to do?

Now, how many degrees of separation that exist between the state they are in and the action you want them to take will determine the overall strategies, tactics and techniques that you employ.

Please notice that there is actually a heirarchy to this process.

Many times when you are hypnotizing in writing you can just start running off at the keyboard and hope to get your point across, bypass their critical factor and have them salivating like a hungry dog looking at her dinner bowl.

Sorry guys it just doesn't work that way. You need more finesse. and that is where most would be conversational hypnotists fail.

  • A - Failure to Decide The Outcome
  • B - Failure to Ask the right questions.
  • C - Being far to blatant
  • D - Unrealistic Expectations
  • E - Impatience. - rushing the process or thinking its not working because you it appears to be taking longer than expected.

So here is the deal.

I've listed 5 or so potential sticking points that can stop you from effectively using conversational and covert hypnosis techniques in writing.

Which one would you like me to answer first.?

post your comments here and let me know I promise I will give you some absolutely vital information that will completely amplify your conversational hypnosis and hypnotic copywriting skills.


Talk to you soon.

Until next time, trance the world and take names.

David X.

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