NLP Hypnosis: The Dark Side

Hypnosis is a natural and common occurrence and it happens one faces it almost regularly. All of us go in and out of hypnotic trances throughout our day. These trances are generally well intend and are pretty harmless, but there are some people who drive others in to a hypnotic state just so that they can forcibly convince others to buy something that they would not buy under normal circumstances.

The question now is that who do you think are the main culprits who use hypnosis as a tool? Well the answer is bound to surprise you; the main users of hypnotic trances are the media, the advertising, government and also other people's opinions. It is not that you believed that advertisers were for your welfare. You always knew that advertisers are there to make them rich. The only reason why they are spending such a lot of money in advertising is so that you can reach out and spend money in buying the same products. This is the reason they keep trying to persuade you that what ever appliance that you have are trash and you can find real happiness only if you purchase the appliance that they are advertising. But aren't there times when you end up buying something tat you absolutely do not need? Why do you think this happens, is it because of hypnosis?

Most of the advertising is planned very carefully; they are made so that you get influenced to buy an item. Or at least feel that you are in need of that item. This is the darker side to hypnosis. In buying a new car when we already have a well running car at home, then we are only trying to find happiness by material things, without improving any thing from within.

Regarding news, they are meant to report events and the latest happening. But this definition has changed, news is now no longer related to bringing the daily affairs of the nation to us, but it is more about driving us to watch the news.

The truth is that good news is boring. You cannot hear to a happy story through out the day. It is more interesting to hear a story that goes like a happy man leaving for his job and then getting abducted by terrorists and it would make it all the more interesting and hypnotic if we add that meantime his wife lost her sanity and committed infanticide.

This is the darker aspect of hypnosis.