2013 NLPPOWER Meetup Series

Download Privileges are reserved strictly for Attendees of The Real World Conversational Hypnosis Training Intensive and Registrees for our Upcoming Live Events and Training Packages. Duplicating or Distributing this material is strictly forbidden and may cause frightening hypnotic guilt effects to kick in.

Please Note These Files Are Zipped and You Will Need A Program Such as Winzip or WinRar To Unpack these files.

To Begin Downloading your Videos Simply Right Click and Select "Save Target As" Be Sure To Remember Where You Downloaded Them.

If you Have Any Questions Please Email Me At david@nlppower.com


Lie To Me... IF you Dare!

Lie To Me Vol. 1

Lie To me Vol. 2

Lie to Me Vol. 3



Instant Conversational Hypnosis: Video Series

Instant Conversational Hypnosis Part One

Instant Conversational Hypnosis Part Two

Instant Conversational Hypnosis Part Three


Energy Hypnosis/Speed Healing Video Series

SPEED HEALING: Secrets of Energy Hypnosis:

  Download Energy Hypnosis Session One Here:

 Download Energy Hypnosis  Session Two  Here


Renegade Romance:

Renegade Romance: Vol 1. - Intro

Renegade Romance: Vol 2. - Approach and Approachability

Renegade Romance: Vol.3 - Engage Interact Attract

Renegade Romance Vol 3b - Engage Interact Attract

Renegade Romance: Vol. 4 - Calibration and Escalation


Attractivation - Identity By Design

 Download Attractivation  Here


Resistance Removal Recipe: Video Series


Resistance Removal Vol. 1

Resistance Removal Vol.2

Resistance Removal Vol.3

Resistance Removal Vol.4




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