Hypnosis Techniques

When we talk about the "techniques" of hypnosis depending on the audience we may be discussing technique on many levels. Let me explain a bit.

Hypnosis Techniques, and I do mean ALL hypnosis techniques are based on certain principles of how the mind works. Of course THAT in and of itself is a sticking point for many people because their are many schools of thought on "how"  the mind actually works, and... fortunately or unfortunately...

All the systems seem to work to some degree.

So to truly discuss hypnotic techniques we have to delve a little deeper. We have to go "beyond" what any one school of how the mind works teaches us and look at things a little differently.

That brings us to the study of "hypnotic operators" 

Hypnotic Operators are phenomena that have the capacity to modify a persons current state of mind. In other words they can, in effect cause some form of change in the mental and emotional state of our subject thereby moving them into a state of "acceptable selective thinking" which satisfies our working definition of hypnosis which is...


"The bypass of the critical factor of the conscious mind and the establishment of acceptable selective thinking."

When we are discussing covert and conversational hypnosis we are strategically selecting techniques that secretly bypass or reorient the critical factor of the conscious mind and covertly create within the mind of subject an opening through which we can implant ideas or influence behaviors

 Hypnosis Techniques as a Rule Fall Into One of Several Categories"

Remedial/Therapeutic Hypnosis Techniques: These might include but are not limited to...

  • Hypnosis Techniques for Weight loss
  • Hypnosis Techniques for Quitting Smoking
  • Hypnosis Techniques for Self Confidence
  • Hypnosis Techniques for Fear of Public Speaking
  • Hypnosis Techniques For Controlling Pain

  Hypnosis techniques have also been used successfully for hundreds of years to help with more serious medical conditions such as

  • Surgical anesthesia
  • Terminal Cancer
  • Tooth Extraction (pain control and dental phobia removal)
  • Treatment of Alcoholism and other Substance abuse problems
  • Insomnia
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

The Next Category of Hypnosis Techniques  are called

Generative Hypnosis Techniques:

Generative hypnosis techniques are not aimed at "Fixing" Something we perceive as being "broken" or pathological in our subject. Rather generative hypnosis techniques are designed to take something, an attribute, a skill set, attitude, etc that is already working the way we want it to and to enhance it or make it better.

Generative Hypnosis Applications Might Include:

  • Performance Enhancement
    • Athletics,
    • mnemonic,
    • musical,
    • dramatic .
  • Recreational: as in
    • stage hypnosis
    • erotic hypnosis


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