NLP Hypnosis: Subliminal Hypnosis

What if your thoughts and actions were not under your grasp? What if someone else were to drive you? Sounds spooky, doesn't it? Well there is nothing spooky about it, it's just hypnosis. The curiosity that drives us towards knowing more about it arises from the same idea of control that have been spoken about in the first two lines.

This leads us to subliminal hypnosis. Subliminal means that an idea is hidden below the surface, distanced and covered from direct perception. The subconscious mind can perceive it but it does not register in your consciousness. Theses embedded ideas are brought to light and actions performed accordingly.

At first the subconscious is targeted, you are brought into a trance i.e. a state in between consciousness and sub-consciousness. Then a message is instilled by the hypnotist which will get imprinted onto your subconscious. The information will be there without your knowledge and will be acted upon only with the help of certain precise commands or signals. This is where the problem lies since the hypnotist may input unwanted commands which may not be favorable to you.

A drawback of the process is that the human brain may at times execute automatically the hypnotic state. Example of this can be given through the demonstration of hearing of one single voice when in a noisy crowd. Your subconscious cuts off all other sounds enabling you to listen to that one single voice that you want to hear. Focusing on that one particular sound or voice your subconscious is actually neglecting all the other voices. This is an instance of automatic execution of the hypnotic state.

Attempts at usage of this subliminal hypnosis have been found in various fields starting from advertising to salesmanship. Persuasion of consumers is very important for the sale of a commodity and what better way than to draw their attention by hypnosis. Various such attempts can be accounted for where subliminal hypnosis has been used to sell stuff in the market place. Marketing firms spend loads of money to get these subliminal texts in their print, audio and video advertisements.

The surest way of combating these attempts by anyone is learning more about them. This process of learning will be of much help since then no one will be able to exploit or harm you and also you can try out the therapeutic value of it to your hearts content. Also learning and knowing more about it will help you overcome the fear factor and thus get you better equipped to stand against any such attack on your person.