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Covert Hypnosis and Other Persuasion Techniques

Covert hypnosis and other persuasion techniques are commonly used for sales and business purposes. Featured here and on, Author Peter Nguyen shares his Six Weapons of Influence. "Weapons of Influence?" This sounds a little intimidating so I'll stick to persuasion techniques. Persuasion techniques can include covert hypnosis which is another tool becoming more widely used. Covert hypnosis sometimes called conversational hypnosis is more involved than just getting to know your audience and how they think. Covert hypnosis and other persuasion techniques should be taught through training and education.

Persuasion techniques are used all the time in sales and business

"Weapon of Influence #1 - Reciprocity" 

"The reciprocity principle implies that when someone do something nice or give something to you, you would naturally feel obligated to return the favor. It doesn’t matter if the favor is wanted or unwanted. We just feel a sense of indebtedness toward that person. Sometimes, the returning favors can be much bigger than the received favors too!

Additionally, you can also give away useful and educational content in the forms E-books, white papers, and videos. Giving away content is very effective for lead generation."

Weapon of Influence #2 - Commitment and Consistency

"This principle is based on the premise that people like to behave in a consistent manner. Once we make a decision or take a stand, we would act and respond in ways that are consistent with what we decided. Furthermore, we would strongly justify and defend our earlier decisions."

"The idea here is to get someone to believe in something small or take a small action first. Once they are committed, they are more likely to agree to a larger task or larger idea later. Moreover, people would even try to defend their actions, even if their actions are not popular or wrong. This method’s effectiveness is amplified when the agreement is made in front of other people."

How to apply this principle in your business 

"Most people are unlikely to buy from you upon first exposure or first meeting. Why? They don’t have enough information or data about you yet."

"But if you can get them to commit to trying out your product or service for free (free trial or free samples), then they might eventually pay to use your products or services. Alternatively, you can convince them to start out with a cheaper plan first, and then convince them to upgrade later. The key is to get people to commit to something small or low risk first."

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