KILLER INFLUENCE: Beyond Conversational Hypnosis

Alot of people ask me about Killer Influence.
In fact, many people have heard about it and
can't see to find it anywhere on the net.

There is a reason. But you probably WON'T
Believe It.


and this is the reason why you may really want to
get your hands on this information but can't
(not even on the torrent files)

I won't teach it.

Thats right.

I usually I keep killer influence pretty close
to my vest.

Why? You may ask?

Once again...

you won't believe it.



Killer influence like most systems I develop is
extraordinarily unique. Its unique because of
all the many systems of human behavioral science
that I have studied... and believe me thats an
awful lot.

You see Killer Influence is the study of
Hypnotic Operators applied covertly and

It is FAR MORE than any
system of conversational hypnosis could
ever hope to teach you.

I only teach killer influence to people I know because
the system teachs a view of hypnosis and hypnotic
influence that can really alter your perception
of the way the world works.

As one of Graduates put it.

"learning Killer Influence Really is Like Seeing The

Why, because killer influence teaches you classes of
hypnotic operators that most people never even consider
and it teaches you to use those operators in a way

Thats simple, easy, and synergistic. meaning that
each hypnotic operator you employ, magnifies the effect
of everything you have already done.

In fact, you could say that killer influence is a
multi-dimenional approach.

You see most systems of persuasion are simply
rehashed versions of nlp or Ericksonian hypnosis.

Well, while Killer Influence also borrows from
those disciplines it is far broader in its ability
to give you multi-level hypnotic influence in
just a few seconds of applying the killer influence

Now your probably wondering, why I won't teach it...

Well, Actually I kind of lied to you. I will teach it
to after I have gotten to know you. its not cheap, and
its not for everyone, but it can turn anyone into a
deadly covert hypnotic secret weapon able instantly
give you a redonkulously powerful advantage over others.

to be eligible to learn killer influence you have
to have completed.

STEALTH Hypnosis - (Instant Conversational Hypnosis)

CPI Conversational Persuasion and Influence Bootcamp.

and then if you pass those programs you can become
eligibile to learn the Elite Killer Influence:Secrets
of covert hypnotic Influence System.

If you have specific questions on Killer Influence or
any of my other pre-requisite courses for learning
killer Influence I invite you to post your comments
and or shoot me an email.

Killer Influence Takes Time To Get To and its only
for the people who really want and deserve this
kind of power.

To replicate the information taught in Killer Influence
you would literally have to invest over 100,00.00 and
20 to 30 years studying and integrating over 15 to 20
different disciplines.

But If you want to learn how to hypnotize people today
in ways that will have blow your mind when see how
fast people do what you want.

I invite you to test drive my Instant Conversational
Hypnosis Crash Course.

It's 100 percent guaranteed to give you the skills
to turn anything you say into a powerful, rapid
covert conversational hypnotic induction.

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Trance The World And Take Names.

David V.