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Why NLP is Wrong? (Very Controversial)

One of the things you hear me talk about a lot when we do Masterminds and even in the meet-ups we do here in San Diego is NLP.

People think we're constantly bagging on NLP and I'm not.

I think NLP is fabulous.

It's brilliant….

… It's just wrong.

And it's not wrong in that the techniques don't work.

It's wrong in the sense that the vast majority of people who learn it can't use it.

Does anybody have any experience in trying to use an NLP style technique out in the real world that didn't work?

Or it all of a sudden...Or it worked really well in the seminar room  and was kind of cumbersome using it out in the real world?


One of the things that I have done a tremendous amount of work in is “How do I make this stuff (NLP,Covert Hypnosis and Conversational Hypnosis) work for me?” and “Who are the people that are actually out there doing it and making the stuff work?”

One of the things that happened; and you have to understand that this goes all the way back to how NLP was actually created), NLP was created from models, right?

Models of Who? Milton Erickson, Virginia Satir, Fritz Perls and each of them had their own style. Right?

Their own system.

Make sense?

Now, those models actually encompassed the  techniques they used right along with the beliefs that they needed in order them work.

How many times does NLP teach you the beliefs you need to make this stuff work?

Do they ever teach you the beliefs you need to make this stuff work?

How much?

How many times does NLP teach you the things you need to make this stuff work?

Do they ever teach you the beliefs you need to make this stuff work?

People Will Say, Well NLP has Presuppositions… right?

Presuppositions are a the concepts in which NLP is based. Right? they are assumptions NLP makes about the way the mind actually works.

But What about the beliefs, the mindset, the frame to go out, and actually have the cajones to use it, first of all.

And the understanding of how to create the frame the makes people want do what your telling them to do.

Anybody here to use ever use an NLP technique without creating a frame around it or anybody here know what a meta-frame is?

For those of you who are watching this at home, or are new to nlp,  a meta-frame is the overall meaning of the interaction.

We going to talk a lot about frames throughout this weekend. But, beliefs aside,

[In Your NLP Training] how much work did they give you... What states did they teach you to go into in order to deliver your NLP techniques?

Mark. Did they teach you any?

Mark: No.

I doubt that it's relevant, but in my case (unclear) use it in the foundation. I find that perfect frame to make it work

Absolutely. Absolutely, because within that frame it works. K. Your passion is hypnosis and hypnotherapy and I'm cool with that.

But, how many people are frustrated because they go to an NLP class to learn how to do sales with NLP and they learn therapy?

Never happened? How many people go to an NLP class to how to be more socially successful and all they got was therapy?

By and large, the frame that NLP comes from is for what?


That’s right, Therapy. who are, who are the people they [Bandler and Grinder] modeled?

They modeled therapists.

So, while NLP is extremely brilliant in that aspect, there are some things we need to kind of shift.

Some beliefs that we need to address in order to be able to use it in other context.

We need to learn how to work within other frames of reference.