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Defense Against The Dark Arts… What is the Ultimate Defense Against Brain Washing, Mind Control and Black Hypnosis.

In this article author andhypnotist Roy Masters Discusses his key points in how to "dehypnotize people. He also gives a link to a great booklet on Soviet BrainWashing Techniques.

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My third crucial realization came as I explored means to de-hypnotize people and help them become less suggestible. I realized that what is at the root of virtually all of our emotional problems, including our suggestibility and therefore our inability ...
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What do you think? Is Masters Full of It or Is He really on to  something. The whole concept of "Dehypnotization" presupposes that there is a default, "base line"  state that all humans would consider normal. I personally don't believe there is a "default' state other than the average robotic consciousness of Joe EveryMan.

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