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Black Hypnosis Brain Washing Mind Control Social Hypnosis Thought Reform

Defense Against The Dark Arts… What is the Ultimate Defense Against Brain Washing, Mind Control and Black Hypnosis.

In this article author andhypnotist Roy Masters Discusses his key points in how to "dehypnotize people. He also gives a link to a great booklet on Soviet BrainWashing Techniques. Read more below My third crucial realization came as I explored means to de-hypnotize people and help them become less suggestible. I realized that what is […]

Brain Washing How To Hypnotize Hypnotize Someone Without Them Knowing Mind Control Thought Reform

Mind Control-Cults-Brainwashing & Thought Reform

While Mind Control On The Surface May Sound Extremely Sexy.

Many of the methods used to create mindless cult members go far beyond what most people would be willing (or should be willing) to do to create mindless servants and followers. None the less these things are possible and actually many of the methodologies listed below are found in organizations that “do not” necessarily fall under the aegis of religious cults.